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25 February 2014 @ 11:24 pm

Thank you all so much for your continued support; I truly appreciate it!

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- plaything - l4d - zoey/hunter - rated nc17 - 29k words - complete -
- dreaming of moons - ff12 - fran/balthier - rated m - 22k words - complete -

06 June 2013 @ 12:27 pm
I almost got mugged in Dallas, after the first night of A-Kon. I am growing more weary of this state day by day. I'm thankful, however, that I actually live in a wonderful area where I feel safe.

My cosplay of Momohime from Oboro Muramasa was a hit - I got lots of hugs and squeals - but pictures won't be ready for some time. Most of what we took didn't turn out - maybe one or two - so I'm setting up a photoshooting area in my apartment.

I was, however, able to meet my favorite comic author, Katie Tiedrich, aka Awkward Zombie. She was so sweet, even though I was a blubbering idiot. I'm glad my husband doesn't get tongue-tied in situations like that; he was the one who talked to her for me. I'm still so awe-struck at how wonderful she was; even running late to a panel she so stopped to talk and draw in my book for me. Grade A, would fangirl over again.

That's pretty much it. I'm now watching Supernatural, because apparently Doctor Who and Sherlock wasn't enough emotional turmoil for me. Working on more plush patterns. I'm so exciting.
10 April 2013 @ 03:08 pm
So, I'm married. In case you didn't know. The only thing that's really changed is that I call him husband instead of boyfriend. We've been together just about 7 years, and I can't remember what it was like to be without him.

Oh, and I'm in Texas now, which... is flat... and brown. I grew up in eastern Washington, and the entire area is hilly and mountainous and green, and here it's not. I grew up on a farm, with dozens of acres for me to traipse about around, and now I'm in an apartment on the fourth floor of a cement building surrounded by a shopping district. But, I don't know, it doesn't bother me at all. It's not what I'm used to, but I've had no problem adapting to it. I was sad for the first two days after we arrived, mostly because now I can't call Megan or Emily and ask them to come over and watch Doctor Who or Sherlock with me. Now, they might as well be on the moon. Ah, but isn't technology grand? I can still talk to them every day, which is almost just as nice as seeing them. Plus, I don't have to work right now; I'm still making plush for extra income, but for the last two weeks, and for the first time in nearly a decade, I don't have anything to do. At all. All day. Nothing. So, I've started up cosplay again, and couldn't be happier; I'm making my first costume in over a year.

And I'm working on my book, too. I am trying to work on it at least every other day, trying to push out at least several pages each week, but I've hit a bit of a wall in terms of where I am comfortable with it's flow, so I'm taking a small break to figure out what, exactly, I want happening upon the pages.

Ah, that's it, really.

Oh, I'm going to A-Kon in Dallas next month, as well. If you'll be there, hit me up; I'd love to have lunch or something.
07 March 2013 @ 05:16 pm
Watch Doctor Who, Emily and Megan said.

You'll like it, Emily and Megan said.

It's full of fun humor and adventure and loyalty and action, Emily and Megan said.

Why are you sobbing on the floor, Emily and Megan said.

I thought they would spare me at least a sliver of their hearts when they talked me into watching Sherlock...

I'm never listening to them again, for as long as I live.

On a side note, this is the last time I'll have free time until I've relocated myself to Plano, Texas. I'm getting married in a week and a day (and just ordered my wedding donuts, because I fucking can't stand cake). I'm packing up the crap I don't use on a daily basis, and beginning to, quite frankly, freak the fuck out.

On a slightly different note, I'm actually kicking ass when it comes to forcing myself to write my original story. I hope, with all of my heart, to finish by the end of the year, as since September I've managed to crap out 100 pages (and that's -while- working two jobs, plus planning a wedding and a cross country move), but I promise nothing. I'm terrified of rejection, so I might just skip sending it to actual publishers and simply do self publishing on Amazon. I am still debating if I should publish it under a pen name, too, because I truly am that terrified of people not liking it... Oh, gods, I'm such a weenie.
26 February 2013 @ 08:56 pm


-3 Bleach
-7 FFX/X2
-4 Doctor Who

I'm surprised that you've never been told before...Collapse )

Okay, I might have just the slightest of problems, but I can stop any time I want and I mean really who are you to judge me; I made these three for a contest, and the fact that I'm keeping them are neither here nor there...

Clicky for some serious plush action. Or, you know, click for normal plush, too.Collapse )
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26 October 2012 @ 11:14 pm
I know I said I was going to start updating this more often, but I'm forgetful. Also, I don't really like talking about myself that much, so coming up with things to say here is almost a chore. Sure, I like to share the things I make, but anything personal? Eh, I'm shy.

My birthday was wonderful, thanks to my friends and family.

I'm re-reading Sunshine, by Robin McKinley for the umpteenth time. I forget how much I love it until I pick it up again. This is my third copy of the book, as I've read the other two into pieces. Literally.

I've been sucked into Guild Wars 2. Love it. It's so open; I can do just about anything I want, and it feels so new and welcoming. I'm a bad-ass Sylvari warrior cutie who duel wields and cooks.

Pony plush and fanfiction in my spare time; making both. I'm actually working on a possible book, after all these years, and think I might stick with it. I like the story I've laid out and how I am telling it, but only time will tell if I feel it's worth sharing. Fingers crossed, right?
20 August 2012 @ 04:14 pm
Messing around with patterns, mostly inspired by a plush I won from a wonderful artist, I created something I call Itsy-Ponies, tiny My Little Pony plush creatures that surprised the hell out of me when they captured the hearts of people over on DeviantArt. Since the first batch of three I created, a little over a month ago, I've been making and selling them left and right. They are small enough to fit in the palm of your hands, but are cuddly-cute. Most of them are hand-sewn, and I'm having an absolute blast making so many.

- so many tiny ponies to look at - Collapse )
19 August 2012 @ 11:50 pm
I made a Ninjask plush for a friend who is going to use him as a prop for a costume at Pax, during the Pokemon league. He took a ton of work, but I'm really proud of him! Here are some pictures of him posing with my little brother.

- Ninjask, I choose you! - Collapse )
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I created a custom plush for myself for a contest, and wanted to share! I took second place with her, missing first by only a few votes! I'm very critical of my own work, so it's not very often I enter anything I create into contests as I never view them as fantastic enough. Needless to say I was ticked pink when I placed! There were SO MANY wonderful entries, I was so surprised to see my little Honey Blossom on the winner's list!

- Honey Blossom - Collapse )